A Panel Discussion on Rational Thought And Social Change In Indian Society

Dear all,

We started the year with an engaging lecture by Subhojit Sen on the nature of scientific enquiry and we were happy to have had such a great participation at your end. And now we know you all are looking forward to our next engagement for the month of February. This time we join hands with Chetan Memorial Trust to bring to you a panel discussion on yet another important topic. We look forward to an overwhelming participation:


TopicRational Thought and Social change in Indian Society


Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Nav Nirmiti

Dr. T. Jayaraman, Professor, TISS

Dr. Aniket Sule, Faculty, HBCSE

Dr. Amol Dighe, Professor, TIFR

Chairperson: Nagarjuna G., Faculty, HBCSE

Schedule:          9th February 2019, Saturday

14:45-14:50 Introduction to Chetan Memorial Trust

14:50-15:00 Introduction to Curiosity Circle

15:00-15:45 Introduction to the Panelists and their brief address

15-45-17:00 Panel discussion and Q&A session

17:00-17:05 Vote of thanks

Venue: Multi Media Room (MMR)

             St. Xaviers College, Fort

[5 mins walking distance from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) (Central line) Railway station]

Entry is free

Curiosity Circle, a gathering of the public, meets once every month, on a second Saturday to engage with an eminent speaker on an idea, to understand how scientific exploration helps us to resolve some of the basic questions of society.

What is the talk on:

Faith and Reason have been the two major patterns of thinking in society. Society has witnessed a constant battle between these two patterns of thinking. We have also witnessed the social change towards equality. These struggles for better society, society with Equality have been harping on Rational thinking. In India the major inequality has been structured around the caste system. There have been struggles in Indian society which have aimed at society with equality.  During freedom movement we saw diverse tendencies. Ambedkar’s major struggles were for social justice and he resorted to Reason as the foundation for his campaigns throughout his life. Nehru was a major leader of freedom movement, a movement which aimed at a democratic, secular society. He articulated the need for scientific temper in our society, and this promotion of scientific temper also found place in our Constitution.

Democracy and social justice are intricately linked to each other. Rational thought has to provide the base for this journey towards the goals of Equality and Justice. We need to examine our social policies and the direction of scientific enterprise in this light. This will be the theme of the Panel discussion, which will bring out these themes and need to rectify the deviations from this basic need for progress in our society. Indian society in particular needs to focus its policies for uplift of the deprived sections, the victims of caste injustice among others.

The talk would be followed by another 45 mins of discussion. We would appreciate your presence for the talk and would be glad if you could bring along others who share similar interests.

Let us gather together to question our long held answers.

Thanking you,


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